At The Gates Of Hell

At The Gates Of Hell

People like to find what is the meaning of life. Why we were born on this planet called Earth? What is our destiny? Is there something beyond what we see in the physical world and could that something be translated into what we can see and feel and experience? The unknown can be scary yet we still want to know and understand it. Who can see the other side and understand things? Once people understand more about the spiritual journey the question arises now what they should do with this information. In this book, through a young woman’s journey, the author guides us through many questions and answers of life, healing, and spirituality. The steps are not easy and incredible strength is needed to survive the pain and keep moving forward. One can try to go around and not deal with the emotions but life will keep bringing them back until healing can occur. How can we gain this incredible strength? If we change, the world will change as well. the way to change is to get into our thoughts. Please let me take your hand and show you how this worked for me. If you have some time, sit down by me and I can tell you a story. 

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